Qualification for Personal Loans

In general, eligibility for personal loans application in Singapore is very straightforward. The applicant must have a stable income with the minimum annual income of S$ 10,000 and above or business activities. Besides that, the applicant must be citizens of Singapore or Permanent Residents and above 21 years old which is comply by Singapore law.

Preparing a Mobile bill or Original PUB that can prove your residential address. Your income proof which latest six months CPF contribution statement and latest income tax assessment and NRIC. If the applicant couldn’t provide complete required documents or incomplete information the loan will be rejected by the moneylender.

  • Singaporean, Permanent Residents.
  • NRIC
  • Original PUB or Mobile bill reflecting your residential address.
  • Min. 21 years old and above.
  • Current Employment Contract.
  • Latest 3 months salary statement.
  • Latest 6 months or more CPF Contribution Statement.
  • Income Tax Statement.
  • Not an undischarged bankrupt, nor facing any bankruptcy proceeding.

What is a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are loans that are applied and taken for personal use by qualifying people in Singapore. Global economic uncertainties hinder a country’s growth, which makes it harder for household owners to access easy personal loans. Banks become more stringent and it is especially difficult for people with poor credit scores access credit. All these against a backdrop of increasing financial needs and rising prices make life stressful.

Personal loans Singapore is a short-term means of financing urgent personal needs. They can be taken out from anyone, be it the lower income group or the higher income group of people. We will not be able to predict the future nor any mishaps that may happen. But sometimes, accidents such as unforeseen car repairs or hospital bills to be settled for your loved ones can arise, and it is in these situations that a personal loan can help you.

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