You don’t need to go through that kind of hassle anymore, thanks to our foreigner loan Singapore here at Winz Credit. Our website has, in fact, made the process a whole lot easier: now all you have to do is to fill out our simple loan from the convenience of your home or office or wherever you are, submit it and our loan officers will be in touch with you to arrange for an appointment at our office at your preferred timing.

Once you reach our office, one of our staff members will let you know the required documents needed so that the processing can begin.

The following are some of the documents that we require for processing a foreigner loan:

  • Passport and work permit
  • Contract or appointment letter from your employer detailing salary
  • Lease agreement and utility bill
  • SingPass ID or other relevant identification
  • Payslips
  • Bank statements

Winz Credit foreigner loans in Singapore interest rates are among one of the most competitive in the market, which makes us an ideal solution if you are looking for a foreigner loans that you can repay without breaking your back.

We know that you are already facing enough challenges by being in a foreign country. Given that there are certain services more expensive for foreigners, it means that you have to spend more to maintain a decent standard of living. Therefore, our repayment schedules are customizable according to the rates that you can afford so that your standard of living does not decline simply because you have a loan to repay.

Why Choose Winz Credit

When you work with Winz Credit Pte Ltd, you get to choose the amount you’re comfortable borrowing and we show you the full detail of our transaction. It’s that simple! Contact us with your needs today and let us help you make the best of your situation. Winz Credit is always here for you!