What Is Debt Consolidation?

Debt Consolidation is consistent with its name. When you combine all your debts, you’re taking out another bigger loan to pay off a bundle of your current debts. Rather than paying several different lenders, you’ll be paying a solitary bill for the new loan. Your regularly scheduled repayment will probably be lower with the new single advance than the consolidated repayment of your past debts. Different from debt settlement, you don’t really reduce the principal amount you owe — you will still be paying everything.

Debt Consolidation is not without dangers. Specialists caution with consolidation unless you’re really attempting to make the minimum repayment on your debts every month and are prepared to make a fresh start with your ways of managing money. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of debt consolidation:


  • Short-term assist: A solitary loan with a lower interest charge, spread out over a more extended period, can definitely decrease the sum you pay every month.
  • It is easy to sort out: It can be difficult to monitor a few bills and month to month due dates, prompting all the more late or miss out repayment, yet it’s anything but difficult to make sure to pay only one bill.
  • No harm to your credit: Debt consolidation keeps your credit in place since regardless you’re paying off all of what you owe. This isn’t generally the case with debt settlement, debt administration arrangements, and bankruptcy.


  • Long-term suffer: Your lower regularly scheduled repayment is normally the consequence of a more extended repayment term. Not only at a lower loan fee. At the end of the day, rather than paying a ton for a short time frame, you’ll be paying a little for a long time frame. Furthermore, you may pay a great deal more in enthusiasm as time goes on, once all things considered.
  • Big hazard, rely on your new loan: If you utilize a secured advance to merge your debts, the guarantee related to that advance (for instance, your home) will be a hazard in the event that you can’t make your new repayment. Falling behind on an unsecured loan isn’t as desperate, yet it could at present junk your credit score.
  • You are battling debt with debt: While debt consolidates can work for the financially taught, negative behavior patterns may be the reason you’re thinking about the combination in any case. In case that you don’t change your propensities, you may wind up significantly more profound underwater than you were before you consolidate.

There is two kinds of debts consolidation loan.

Secured Loans

Secured loans are attached to some kind of guarantee. This is a profitable resource that the lender can take in the occasion you at no time in the future pay your bills. Normal security incorporates your home or auto. It’s easy to get a secured loan since there is low risk to the loan specialist. For a similar reason, it’s likewise normally less demanding to get a bigger amount at a lower interest charge. The interest may likewise be assessment deductible.

Obviously, while it’s easier for you to land this sort of loan, you could likewise lose your advantages in the event that you default. You may likewise be paying down this sort of credit for any longer. Home value loans are among the most widely recognized sort of secured debt consolidation loans.

Unsecured Loans

In contrast, an unsecured loan isn’t fixing to guarantee. Therefore, it’s less hazardous to yours. By defaulting, you’re principally risking credit harm rather than your home. Unsecured loans likewise as a rule set aside, there’s less opportunity to pay down.

However, getting an unsecured advance is harder, particularly if your credit is bad. Since the moneylender goes out on a limb with unsecured loans, you’ll likely be offered a higher loan cost and a lesser sum, and there are no tax reductions. Personal loans, credit card balance transfers, and loans offered exclusively with the end goal of debt consolidation are among your alternatives here.

Why Should I Take a Debt Consolidation Loan in Singapore from Winz Credit?

Taking a loan from the bank will be extremely difficult due to the high criteria. Furthermore, it will take a very long application and approval time for the loan to go through, so by the time you get the loan, the amount to be repaid will be sky-high with interest.

Winz Credit does not have such stringent requirements. We understand that being in debt is a terrible financial situation to be in, and hence we want to help you without excessively exhausting paperwork. Furthermore, we are a legal and licensed money lender in Singapore, which is extremely important when choosing a loan provider.

Being in debt is not something anyone should find themselves in. As a borrower, it is your responsibility to take only what you can pay and respect repayment schedules. A debt consolidation loan will make your debts more manageable.

If you have any questions about debt consolidation loans, do not hesitate to call us at +65 6681 6609 to speak with our friendly team!