Application business loan from banks is extremely difficult, even impossible for young or new startup, non-profit making business to secure the bank loan. Bank’s requirement is set high because they do not expose themselves to a risky position. Besides that, the bank examines the process is taking about weeks. Therefore you may be getting rejected after waiting for weeks.

At Winz Credit Pte Ltd is giving your business bigger chances to build and grow. You can use a business loan the settle your loan with the lower interest rate is advantages but this is not mandatory for us. Financing is the key to making the business venture succeed that is why Winz Credit Pte Ltd giving a hand of help when necessary.

Winz Credit provides an online application business loan, you can receive the money within a few days. Therefore you can continue your business as going concern. Wherever you are in Singapore you still can get the loan by using the application online. It provides a lot of convenience and comfort for the business owner.

The loan application process

For an instant, we had accumulated many valuable experiences and research. We realize that small and medium-sized businesses could not fulfill the bank loan requirements. Our objective is to assist you to get the loan your easily to assure your business keeps developing. We have simplified our loan application process to make it easier for the business owner to apply and get fast approval. In addition, we ensure the process of your loan instantly and without unnecessary delay.

To apply for our business loan, please fill the online application form and provide the following document:

  • NRIC copy of the business directors according to ARCA
  • Business premises tenancy agreement
  • Recent ACRA printout
  • Latest six-month bank statement
  • Asset evidence
  • Income tax statements
  • Profit and loss statement

The goal of our online business loan application is making things as smooth as possible. By ensuring your business gets the necessary cash flow as fast as possible.